Bichhda Kuch Is Ada Se Ki Rut Hi Badal Gai

Shers which resonate with our sympathies to those we have lost!

The tree of Time, too, withers just like any other tree the only exception being that, the leaves that bid farewell to Its branches are our dearest companions. This withering is a certainty, what is uncertain is that no one knows when and which leaf is going to fall next… in the embrace of Death. Death lurks right beneath these leaves while Life, like sunshine, glows atop only transiently.

After this quasi-poetic intro, you must have guessed what this post is all about- those resting in peace. So, here is a humble collection of couplets that will help you come to terms with this ever-enigmatic phenomenon- Death.

Sleep awaiting the eternal sleep by not sleeping, Ghalib, ladies and gentlemen, take a bow:

Mirza Ghalib

A little food for thought to your philosophical reveries:

Chakbast Brij Narayan

They are gone from the abode of this world but not from the ruin of our memories:

Rajinder Manchanda Bani

You hear a knock on your bedroom’s door and realize you are the only one who is in the house:

Ahmad Mushtaq

Every single time when the curtains come down, agree?

Rehman Faris

The desolated city rests as a casket to the departed ‘person’. Intertwined with fear, uncertainty and curiosity, Death is perhaps a step towards the absolute reality:

Khalid Sharif

We hope these couplets give you a new perspective to this quietly howling touch- Death, which plucks the leaves from the tree of Time, one by one, invisibly! And, as always, for more such heart-rending verses click here.