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Romance of Urdu in India

Concept and Text: Aftab Husain Speaking about literature in terms of a Hindu-Muslim divide might seem politically incorrect but, at times, it is necessary to have a ‘communal’ perspective only to get a secular picture of the phenomenon Apart from sharing a humanist-progressive worldview in life and literature, Hindi critic Professor Namwar Singh and fiction… continue reading

words for beloved in Urdu poetry

A Guide to Addressing the Beloved in the Manner of Poets

The metaphor & the analogy render beauty conceivable. Without them, beauty cannot be spoken of. How could a poet refer to the beloved, if not through the mesmerizing charm of metaphors?

Ada Jafarey Birth anniversary

Ada Jafarey

Ada Jafarey has had many distinctions: she was one of the first female voices of substance in Urdu poetry; she was refreshingly modernist, and above all entirely inimitable.

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