Yusufi: The Master of Humour & Satire

Mushtaq Ahmad Yusufi is the most prominent Humourist and Satirist of Urdu literature. The way he has presented the simple situations of everyday life leaves one spell-bound. Yusufi’s work is a must-read for all. If you haven’t read Yusufi yet, here is a head start:

Yusufi was born in Tonk Rajasthan on 4th of September, 1923. He completed his studies from Aligarh Muslim University. After the Partition, he migrated to Pakistan and worked in banking sector for almost four decades. He retired as the chairman of Pakistan Banking Council.

Many curious readers asked Yusufi many a time that although he had a monotonous career, and sometimes even boring, then how is it that he could produce such masterpieces of humour and satire. Each time, his reply was simple and unique:

Banking mera pasha tha. 9 baje raat tak main apne peshe ka paband hota tha. 9 baje ke baad mera apna waqt aur meri apni duniya shuru hoti thi.

His literary works include Chirag Tale, Zarguzisht, KHaakam Ba-dehan, Aab-e-Gum, Shaam-e-Sher-e-Yaraa’n. Yusufi himself admits to the fact that his artistic skill was at its peak in Aab-e-Gum. He was awarded Pakistan’s highest civilian honour Sitara-i- Imtiyaz for his inimitable literary contributions.