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Rekhti: The Feminist Movement in Urdu Literature Initiated by Men

Rekhti is what one may describe as a genuinely intersectional, inclusive and expressive form of poetry. From discussing themes like female sexuality to homosexuality amongst women to writing about mundane everyday chores, Rekhti did it.

Urdu poetry techniques

उल्टी वा की धार

यूँ तो बहुत सी बातें हैं जो किसी शे’र को एक बेहतरीन शे’र बनाती हैं और उन पर दुनिया भर की बातें हुईं हैं मगर एक चीज़ जिस पर बात बहुत कम होती है वो है, “उल्टा इस्तेमाल” या मुख़ालिफ़ मअनी को साथ ला कर नए मअनी पैदा करना।

Majrooh Sultanpuri

Majrooh: The poet who captured the times

Majrooh was not a novice in the Bombay film industry. He had started his career as a lyricist with the 1946 Shahjahan which included the pathos-ridden “Jab dil hi toot gaya”. Born in 1919, his real name was Asrar ul-Hassan Khan and he adopted the pen name Majrooh (wounded) when he started writing. A trained Unani physician, he realized fairly early that his calling was poetry.

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