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what is Bahr?

Why Beher?

“The appropriateness of speech means that it should be divided into such parts which, when recited, create a beautiful continuity in the voice, and which have a delightful proportion and balance to each other.”

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Meer Baqar Ali, the last Dastango from Old Delhi

Today, we present a portrait from the ‘Auraq-e-Musawwar’, the sepia-toned artist’s sketchbook – Meer Baqar Ali, the last Daastaango (storyteller) from Old Delhi whose life delineates the outline of the poignant transition from oral tradition to cinema and electronic media.

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گم شدہ خواتین ناول نگار

یہ ذکر ہے اس وقت کا جب تقریبا ہر گھر میں عورتیں بہت شوق سے ادبی جرائد، مختلف رسائل اور ڈائجسٹ پڑھا کرتی تھیں۔ ان میں کہانیاں اور ناولس قسط بار چھپتی تھیں۔۔۔ ایک قسط پڑھ کر دوسری کا انتطار بڑی شدت سے کیا جاتا تھا۔

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Women writers of Urdu: Have we done justice to them?

When we look at the canon of Urdu literature, it doesn’t take much time to realise women are abnormally absent from the picture. If we speak of the classical age, The important Tazkiras like Khush-Marka-e-Zeba or Majmua-e-Naghz rarely mention a female.

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