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tarz-e-Bedil mein rekhta kahna- Ghalib’s fondness for Bedil

Ghalib was so influenced by Bedil, that his own poetry tirelessly reflected Bedil’s highly convoluted, Persianized and izaafat-laden style. Even Ghalib’s lofty themes can be loosely ascribed to Bedil’s buland-KHayaalii- sky-high rumination.

Jaun Elia Picture

Jaun Elia ko ghussa kyon aata hai?

Jaun Elia, the poet of poignant verses and bitter truths, wasn’t just a name scribbled on pages; he was a melody of anger woven into every couplet. His words weren’t mere expressions; they were daggers dipped in disillusionment, piercing the hearts of those who dared to listen.

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