Articles By Faisal Fehmi

Shah Faisal Mushtaq writing as Faisal Fehmi is a young poet from the valley of Kashmir. He is an engineer by qualification and a philosopher-poet by choice. He is traditional in his approach to poetry yet modern in his thoughts. Fehmi is the quintessential modern day poet who in the day works for the worldly and at night works hard to perfect his poetry for the heavenly. Here are a few of his gems with many more to come.

meer taqi meer, love, poetry

Aashiqi Mein Meer Jaise Khwaab Mat Dekha Karo

It is said that Meer used to go wild at the sight of the moon, as he had an illusion that the face of his separated beloved was reflected in the moon.

faiz-ahmad-faiz, resistance poetry


Whenever there was a need to stand for truth and to raise a voice against oppression, there was a poet to do so. Poetry has inspired many historic revolutions that have restored order in society. This did not, however, come easily to the poets. They had to suffer immeasurably for raising their voice but firm… continue reading

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