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tarz-e-Bedil mein rekhta kahna- Ghalib’s fondness for Bedil

Ghalib was so influenced by Bedil, that his own poetry tirelessly reflected Bedil’s highly convoluted, Persianized and izaafat-laden style. Even Ghalib’s lofty themes can be loosely ascribed to Bedil’s buland-KHayaalii- sky-high rumination.

Kya main Farsi bol raha hun

Kya main Farsi bol raha hun?

You must have heard the phrase, ‘Kya main Farsi bol raha hun?’ several times in serials, movies and perhaps by the very people around you as a sarcastic remark when someone cannot comprehend a simple matter. Such is the impact of the phrase that it has become a constant in our everyday speech. But as… continue reading

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