Articles By Rajat Kumar

He is a content writer and an upcoming Urdu poet based out of Delhi.

Aatish and Nasikh

Aatish and Nasikh: Poets-cum-Pen Fighters

Inside an old house in Saraa-e-Baale Khan, sat a thin, tall man of an unassumed, unconventional temperament on his cheap jute mat under a broken-down roof, sheltered by hay and thatch. Dressed in a simple lungi, he sat in patience and contentment, spending his life like some aloof and carefree dervish. As his tilted cap rakishly fell over one of his eyebrows, he kept staring at an outdated wall ruminating about love, life, and poetry.

Asraar-e-Huruuf: The Story of Be

Asraar-e-Huroof- ‘Be’ Kise Kahte Hain?

‘Be’. Written as (ب) in Urdu Rasm-ul-Khatt, and in (ब) Devanagari, it is the second letter of the Urdu alphabets (Huruf-e-Tahajji), and the twenty-third consonant of the Nagari alphabets (वर्णमाला).

Tarikh Nigari

Tarikh Nigari: Numbers Speaking through Words

Today is National Mathematics Day, celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of India’s master-mathematician, Srinivasa Ramanujan. Now that you know that, how about learning a few things about numbers while staying in the world of words? Might as well take out that fear of numbers!

Asraar-e-Huruuf: The Story of Alif

Asraar-e-Huroof: The Story of Alif

Alif echoes the sound ‘a’, as in the word ‘but’. In Devanagari, it’s written as “अ”. But to understand how monumental this little aspirant-letter is in the grand scheme of things

Ali Sardar Jafri 'Lucknow ki Panch Raten'

Ali Sardar Jafri’s Life-Scroll : Lucknow ki Panch Raten

Ali Sardar Jafri, the poet of love, peace, and courage, significantly graced the treasure of Urdu literature with his crowning work ‘Lucknow Ki Panch Raten’. A confluence of his travels, friendships, and acquaintance.

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