Articles By Rajat Kumar

He is a content writer and an upcoming Urdu poet based out of Delhi.

Mir Taqi Mir (interesting Anecdotes)

Mir Taqi Mir And the Mushaira of Lucknow: Interesting Anecdotes

Mir Taqi Mir, aged 60, finally arrived in the court of Lucknow at the request of Nawab Asaf-ud-Daulah in the year 1782. Being a traveller customarily staying in a Sarai Mir, learnt about a Mushaira that was about to take place one evening.

Night Shayari, Shayari on night, A Metaphor to a Hundred Colours

Night- A Metaphor to a Hundred Colours

Ghalib, unconventionally romantic in his couplets, portrays night as the darkness in which the beloved shines. Perhaps it’s only the bewitching scattered tresses which deceive the lover into thinking that he alone enjoys sleep, peace and the night!

Kya main Farsi bol raha hun

Kya main Farsi bol raha hun?

You must have heard the phrase, ‘Kya main Farsi bol raha hun?’ several times in serials, movies and perhaps by the very people around you as a sarcastic remark when someone cannot comprehend a simple matter. Such is the impact of the phrase that it has become a constant in our everyday speech. But as… continue reading

Bichhda Kuch Is Ada Se Ki Rut Hi Badal Gai

The tree of Time, too, withers just like any other tree the only exception being that, the leaves that bid farewell to Its branches are our dearest companions. This withering is a certainty, what is uncertain is that no one knows when and which leaf is going to fall next… in the embrace of Death…. continue reading

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