Articles By Rajat Kumar

He is a content writer and an upcoming Urdu poet based out of Delhi.

Kumar Pashi Blog

Kumar Pashi: Reminiscing a Dreamy Reality

Born Shankar Dutt Kumar, in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, on 3rd July 1935, Kumar Pashi’s family left their house and belongings in Delhi after the Revolt of 1857. But, as fate would have it, Delhi called him back. At 12 years old, following the mass exodus of the Indo-Pak partition, he returned to Delhi.

Mir Taqi Mir

Meer aur Unke Shagird: The Ustad in Meer Taqi Meer

Teacher’s day is quite a reminder as to why we should never forget what our teachers did for us. The same can be said for Urdu poetry where the tradition of Ustad and Shagird is both a legacy and a legend. Each of our favorite poets, at some point in time, reached out to their Ustads for corrections and amendments in their works, it’s a kind of unwritten law, one that is seldom read these days.

Indian Independence Blog

From 1857 to 1947: Towards Our Independence with Urdu Nazms

A part of India’s exquisite literature that has arguably been the closest to common people is Urdu poetry. So much so, that many of the couplets have become like idioms to us. But besides Ghazals and its Shers, Nazms, too are etched in our collective consciousness.

Poems or Paintings? Select Designs Carved out of Words

Some of the finest exemplars of intriguing imageries of rain and aftermath are contained in our beloved Urdu poetry. Poets, classical and contemporary alike, have colored their couplets with words, masterfully. From Mirza Ghalib, painting the most abstract impressions, to Ahmad Mushtaq, brushing the simplest of everyday stills, this little collection offers some of the most inviting images drawn, with alphabets!

Is Baarish Ko Hum Kya Likhen? Rain’s Many Names

Rain is truly one of the wonders of nature. From the arrival of the fruit-bearing springtime to the wintery winds of change knocking at our doors, rain is the magic wand swirling behind the seasonal spell.

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