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He is a content writer and an upcoming Urdu poet based out of Delhi.

tarz-e-Bedil mein rekhta kahna- Ghalib’s fondness for Bedil

Ghalib was so influenced by Bedil, that his own poetry tirelessly reflected Bedil’s highly convoluted, Persianized and izaafat-laden style. Even Ghalib’s lofty themes can be loosely ascribed to Bedil’s buland-KHayaalii- sky-high rumination.

Jurat and Insha

Jurat Aur Insha ka Yaaraana: Interesting Anecdotes

Born in Delhi, in the year 1748, Yahya Aman, better known as the poet Jurat Qalandar Bakhsh was unlike any other poet of his time. Known for an artful portrayal of mischief, mirth and mockery in his poetry, Jurat, was defined as a ‘skirt-chasing poet’ by none other than Mir Taqi Mir.

Tazmin Nigari in Urdu

The Art of Tazmin-Nigari in Urdu Poetry

Derived from its Arabic root Zimn, Tazmin literally means to join or include one thing in another, but in poetics, it means inserting the verses of another in one’s own poem. It’s a genre of poetry in which a poet draws upon a line, or a couplet, belonging to some other poet and adds to it a line of his own.

Ishq Shayari

Ishq: A Linguistic Lesson in Love

The word Ishq has been derived from its Arabic cognate ‘Ashiqa (عشقه) which is a kind of ivy or Bel, as we refer to in Hindi. But this is not just any creeper growing around. This clinging plant is actually a parasitic plant – similar to the mistletoe – that actually wraps up around another plant and eventually dries it out completely, to the extent that the original plant dies and only the passion-vine (ivy) remains.

Indian Independence Blog

From 1857 to 1947: Towards Our Independence with Urdu Nazms

A part of India’s exquisite literature that has arguably been the closest to common people is Urdu poetry. So much so, that many of the couplets have become like idioms to us. But besides Ghazals and its Shers, Nazms, too are etched in our collective consciousness.

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