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Urdu Marsiya: A Historical Overview

The term ‘Marsiya’ (elegy) is derived from Arabic word ‘risa’ which means lamentation of the dead person, weeping and wailing over the deceased. It existed in Iran as a well defined literary form, in pre-Islamic days. ‘Sog-e-Siyahwashan’ (mourning of Siyahwash, father of Kai Cyrus), ‘Marg-i-Zarir’ (the death of Zarir, brother of Gushtasp) and some others are still considered as legacy of ancient Persian literature.

Akhtar-ul-Iman Nazm

Akhtar-ul-Iman: My state of mind while writing ‘Naqsh-e-Paa’

Akhtar ul Iman was one of the most important Urdu poets of his time. Considered as one of the pillars of modern Urdu Nazms (Poems). Akhtar also wrote dialogues for more than hundred bollywood films including ‘Waqt’ and ‘Qaanoon’.

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