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Maniza Khalid: BIO: Maniza is a graduate in literature, currently resides in New Delhi, finds poetry in little gestures, enjoys moonbathing on terrace gardens & practices witchcraft to hone literary prowess.

Breaking Barriers: Kishwar Naheed on the Fierce Woman

Kishwar Naheed is known to be an outspoken individual who defied stereotypical expectations. Her verses celebrate the woman who asserts herself and thrives in spite of adversities. Through her poetry, her construction of femininity stands out – uncontrollable and unapologetic.

ishrat afreen, shayari, sher, urdu woman, feminism

Aurat Aurat ke Liye : Woman for Woman

Women share histories – personal and political. Afreen urges women to recall the stories that contribute to the meaning of their existence. How and where will they go from this point onward?

NIGHT, SOLITUDE, SELF: Firaq in his Elements

Firaq Gorakhpuri makes a friend of the night. It is a living presence in his verses that hums with soft movement. It has its own rhythm, its own pace as it moves on moment by moment. Firaq recognizes this and connects with the elements of the night, the stars heave, the winds are infused with stories, the evenings have sorrows to share.

words for beloved in Urdu poetry

A Guide to Addressing the Beloved in the Manner of Poets

The metaphor & the analogy render beauty conceivable. Without them, beauty cannot be spoken of. How could a poet refer to the beloved, if not through the mesmerizing charm of metaphors?

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