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She is an Assistant Professor of English in Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV College for Women in Chandigarh. She is also a Research Scholar at Panjab University studying the Changing Phases of Indian Mushaa’irahs. Being a polyglot, she can read and write in six languages, Urdu being the most recent addition. She is professionally and passionately driven to serve the revival and survival of Urdu language, to which she accords a lot of importance as a part of cultural, social, linguistic and national heritage. Her research papers, published in national journals, delineate the trajectory that languages have taken to arrive up to this point. She writes poems and prose in Urdu and English. She is also a national-level singer and debater.

Mushaira: A History of thunderous and traditional Waah-Waahs

Mushaira (mehfil or bazm) is a gathering of the poets who write, recite and listen to poetry of one another written in Urdu language, with a participative and responsive audience. It is not a contest which has a winner in the end, but the poets simply read out their self-composed poems in their patented and individual styles, crafted in accordance with a specific metrical pattern and carrying a certain loftiness of thought.

Revisiting the Royal Recitals

Revisiting The Royal Recitals

These Urdu poetic symposia came to be known as Mushairas in the 18th century before which they were called Murekhta or Majlis-e-Rekhta performed in the Rekhta language, an early form of Urdu language, literally meaning ‘scattered’ or ‘mixed’ because it contained Persian in it.

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