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Akbar Allahabadi

Akbar Allahabadi in a New Avatar!

In Akbar Allahabadi, Urdu language found a humorist, a satirist, a commentator, and a reformer. Unlike many, his satire is not corrosive, or black in nature. He lived during the British Raj and his poetry provides glimpses into the socio-political conditions of that age.

Amrita Pritam

Amrita Pritam

If one was to define Amrita Pritam’s journey in this world, one would simply say: “Love with Sahir, Marriage with Singh, Life with Imroz”.

Best Quotes of Premchand

प्रेमचंद की वो बातें जो हमेशा जीवन में नई रौशनी भरती हैं

प्रेमचंद पिछले सौ बरसों से तमाम तरह के अदबी-ओ-समाजी डिस्कोर्स के माध्यम से हमारे ज़हनों में मौजूद रहे हैं। यहाँ हम ख़ास आपके लिए प्रेमचंद के रचना-संसार से कुछ ऐसे चुनिंदा उद्धरण पेश कर रहे हैं जो न सिर्फ़ साहित्य को समझने में बल्कि जीवन के लिए भी रौशनी का स्रोत साबित होंगे।

top 5 content rekhta

Readers’ Choice on Rekhta in 2018!

The year 2018 saw the Rekhta family grow by huge numbers. Millions of people joined in to read and relish Urdu poetry and literature. We have compiled a list of the most searched content on the Rekhta website. These were the most searched couplets on the Rekhta website. To read more of the poet just… continue reading

Children's Day Rekhta Shayari blog

Taking You Back In The Memory Lane

Poetry has many genres. Each genre presupposes a certain type of readership. So does poetry for children. Interestingly, they are as relevant for children as they are for the adults.

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