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گلزار دہلوی:تہذیبی امتزاج کی تجسیم

پپنڈت آنند موہن زتشی گلزار دہلوی اپنا جسمانی سفر تمام کرکے ہماری ادبی اور تہذیبی تاریخ میں ایک ایسی داستان کے طور پر درج ہوگئے ہیں، جسے جب بھی پڑھا یا سنا جائے گا تو آنکھوں سے اوجھل ہوتی ہوئی ہماری مشترکہ تہذیب کا تمام تر حسن و جمال مجسم ہوکر سامنے آجائے گا۔گلزار صاحب… continue reading

Satyavan and Savitri: the story of love’s victory over death.

Satyavan and Savitri: the story of love’s victory over death

Traced back to the Mahabharata, here is a story that Rishi Markandeya narrated to Raja Yudhishthira. The story which praises the virtues of a zealous woman and a devoted wife is that of Savitri who figured in Devi Bhgwat Purana and also became the subject of several literary compositions in the East and the West.

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Mirror has been used both as a metaphor and a symbol in Urdu poetry. Here is how some of the poets have explored the different aspects of a mirror in their shers: Now, looking at herself in the mirror she is despaired Then, how proud she was for not proffering her heart Look into the… continue reading

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Aashiqi Mein Meer Jaise Khwaab Mat Dekha Karo

It is said that Meer used to go wild at the sight of the moon, as he had an illusion that the face of his separated beloved was reflected in the moon.

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Faiz Ahmad Faiz was among the most celebrated and popular poets of Urdu. He faced political repression for his revolutionary views. He is acknowledged as a torchbearer of progressivism and modernism in Urdu poetry. Here are five couplets of Faiz that you may not have heard of or read before.

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