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Ishqnaama: The love-life of Meeraji

A major modernist poet, by all means, Meeraji is also a myth of sorts. He had to be so, for he lived a life completely atypical and totally abysmal.

Josh Malihabadi

Ishqnaama: The love-life of Josh Malihabadi

An emotionally honest Josh has remained an icon of love with a difference. In this extraordinary narrative Yaadon ki Baraat spread over 729 pages, he has narrated his love-life in 57 pages and unabashedly claimed that he loved “not once but eighteen times”.

The Love-life of Sahir Ludhianavi Mujhe gale se lagaa lo bahut udaas hoon main

Ishqnaama: The love-life of Sahir Ludhianavi

Sahir was passionate about life, as he was about love. Some of his lady-loves were illusory; others were real but in both he remained a deeply aspirational character.

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Ishqnaama: The love-life of Jigar Moradabadi

Jigar Moradabadi lived two lives of love and longing. In one, he was liked, loved, and then helplessly separated from his beloved; in another, he was accepted, rejected, and finally reunited with one who happened to be his wife once.

Sadat-hasan-manto, ishq-nama, ishq, love, life

Ishqnaama: The love-life of Sadat Hasan Manto

She was neither a figment of Manto’s imagination, nor his fantasy; she was real as a real being could be —made of flesh and blood who could put him to a tough test.

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