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Amrita Pritam

Amrita Pritam

If one was to define Amrita Pritam’s journey in this world, one would simply say: “Love with Sahir, Marriage with Singh, Life with Imroz”.

Riyaz Khairabadi

वो शायर जिसने कभी शराब नहीं पी लेकिन सारी ज़िंदगी शराब पर शेर कहता रहा

रियाज़ ख़ैराबादी के तआरुफ़ में सबसे ज़ियादा कही और सुनी जाने वाली बात ये है कि उन्होंने कभी शराब नहीं पी लेकिन शराब पर सबसे ज़ियादा और सबसे अच्छे शेर कहे। पहली बात पर यक़ीन के साथ कुछ नहीं कहा जा सकता लेकिन दूसरी बात पूरी तरह दुरुस्त है। उर्दू के साहित्यिक इतिहास में रियाज़… continue reading

Rekhta blog Sahir

Jab Bhi Aaya Naye Geet Laata Rahunga

A Romanticist-cum-Marxist, Sahir Ludhianvi remains with us as an iconic poet. Celebrated as a poet, film lyricist, he also remained at the centre of stories that has kept us fascinated over these decades. Here are some excerpts from his poetry that establish him as a poet of resistance par excellence. Dreams sustain us. Even in… continue reading

Daagh Dehlvi Rekhta blog

The love-life of Nawab Mirza Khan Dagh Dehlvi (1831-1905)

Dagh Dehlvi lived a life of pain and pining in love. He left behind a treasure-trove of love poetry but did not experience the blessings of love. His coffer was empty; he only knew of an illusory love and died with a wish for turning that illusion into a reality.

Dard se mere hai tujh ko beqaeraari hai hai Kya hui zaalim teri ghaflat sha’ari hai hai Umr bhar ka tu ne paimaan-e wafaa baandha to kya Umr ko bhi to naheen hai paaedaari hai hai Sharm-e ruswaaee se jaa chhupna niqaab-e khaak mein Khatm hai ulfat ki tujh per parda daari hai hai

The Love-Life of Asadullah Khan Ghalib (1797-1869)

To think of love and life is to think of Ghalib the lover, and Ghalib the beloved. He was not angelic in form and moving, nor a god in his apprehension but he surely was a piece of work, not very noble in reason but infinite in faculty. He was indeed Shakespeare’s ‘quintessence of dust’ who saw his love going to dust with emotional attachment and philosophical detachment.

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