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ये जो मोहब्बत है: वैलेंटाइन डे स्पेशल

उर्दू शायरी में इश्क़ के बारे में ये और ऐसे कई शे’र मशहूर हैं मगर ऐसा नहीं है कि इश्क़ और आशिक़ की बरबादी के क़िस्से सिर्फ़ उर्दू शायरी तक महदूद रह गए हैं। हिंदुस्तान की और ज़बानों और इलाक़ों में भी देखा जाए तो पंजाब की तरफ़ हीर-राँझा, सोहनी-महीवाल, मिर्ज़ा-साहिबा और सस्सी-पुन्नू के क़िस्से हमें ख़ूब मिलते हैं जिन का असर बॉलीवुड में भी बहुत है।

Ishq Shayari

Ishq: A Linguistic Lesson in Love

The word Ishq has been derived from its Arabic cognate ‘Ashiqa (عشقه) which is a kind of ivy or Bel, as we refer to in Hindi. But this is not just any creeper growing around. This clinging plant is actually a parasitic plant – similar to the mistletoe – that actually wraps up around another plant and eventually dries it out completely, to the extent that the original plant dies and only the passion-vine (ivy) remains.

The love-life of Akhtar Shirani: Imaginary or Real

Ishqnaama: The love-life of Akhtar Shirani

Akhtar Shirani has been painted as a poet who lived his life too liberally, drank incessantly, and cared little for a regulated kind of life. This made him a bohemian of sorts. His manners angered his family, especially his father.

Iqbal love life atia faizi

Ishqnaama: The love-life of Mohammad Iqbal

Iqbal and Atia remained friends for long. When Iqbal returned to India after completing his education in Europe, he remained unhappy and passed through a phase of emotional crisis because of domestic issues and traditional environment around.

Rekhta blog Momin Khan Momin

Ishqnaama: The love-life of Momin Khan Momin

Momin lived to love and loved to live but he could not have luck with any of his beloveds.

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