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दिल्ली का उर्दू बाज़ार : किताबों से कबाबों तक का सफ़र

मीर तक़ी मीर ने दिल्ली के गली-कूचों को ‘औराक़-ए-मुसव्वर’ यानी ‘सचित्र पन्नों’ की उपमा दी थी। ये वो ज़माना था जब दिल्ली में साहित्यिक, तहज़ीबी और सांस्कृतिक सर-गर्मियाँ चरम पर थीं और यहाँ हर तरफ़ शे’र-ओ-शायरी का दौर-दौरा था। दिल्ली के कूचा-ओ-बाज़ार अपनी रौनक़ों और अपने सौन्दर्य के ए’तबार से अपना कोई सानी नहीं रखते… continue reading

All dignity, all majesty to him who is known as Nazeer

Mahima Us Ki Hi Rahe Jis Ka Nao Najeer

All dignity, all majesty to him who is known as Nazeer

Nazeer was a poet of the masses. He was a common man, wrote of the common people, and in the common language. 

Rekhta Blog Premchand

We Haven’t Served Premchand Well, Have We?

Much of what we think or say about Premchand today is usually clichéd. We have been made to believe that this literary major of our times was only a fiction writer, and a Hindi fiction writer to be precise, who emerged and stayed on primarily as a storyteller of rural life. All these are sheer misrepresentations that need to be redressed.

Rekhta Blog Kaif Bhopali

Kaif Bhopali: The artist who used words as colors!

Remembering Kaif Bhopali on his twenty seventh death anniversary

A commendable lyricist, an ingenious poet and above all a soulful artist who stays alive in our collective memory

Mumbai city Rekhta blog

Shahr Namaah Banaam Mumbai

I am Mumbai. Not long ago, I was known as Bombay. Still some call me by my old name because they love me– as one loves a dear one by names more than one.

Five couplets of Qateel Shifai on unrequited love

Humne toh dil jalaa ke sar-e aam rakh diya

Five couplets of Qateel Shifai on unrequited love

: Various poets in their mesmerizing couplets have frequently encapsulated the emotional states of the one-sided lover. Here are five such couplets of Qateel Shifai, one of the most prominent Urdu poets and lyricists.

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