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कोरोना के बाद कि दुनिया: शायर कि नज़र से

लेखक: ज़िया ज़मीर इक्कीसवीं सदी की तीसरी दहाई शुरू हुआ चाहती है। मौसमे-सर्द रवाना होते-होते वापसी कर रहा है और मौसमे-गर्म की आमद-आमद है। मगर दो मौसमों के मिलन की इस साअत में भी दिल बुझे हुए हैं। दो-चार लोगों के दिल नहीं, दो-चार शहरों या मुल्कों के दिल नहीं बल्कि सारी दुनिया के दिल… continue reading

Qurratulain Hyder the best of Urdu Fiction Novelist

Qurratulain Hyder

Locating time present and time past in time future

Qurratulain Hyder’s distinction lay in the way she developed her vision of history and fiction as meta-history and meta-fiction. This is where she had an edge over all others who wrote before, or after her.

Neither Akhtar nor Safia live in flesh and blood now. The poems and the annotating epistles tell the tale of a remarkable affair with love, life, and art.

Jaan Nisar Akhtar

In dialogue with self and the self’s other

As a word, Jaan Nisar qualifies a person who can submit one’s life. Jaan Nisar Akhtar did so precisely to engage with the demon of life and the muse of poetry.

Independence day Urdu word slogan

Stairway to Freedom

Relive the freedom struggle through these Urdu Words.

The struggle for freedom has long and arduous till it reached the destined day.

All dignity, all majesty to him who is known as Nazeer

Mahima Us Ki Hi Rahe Jis Ka Nao Najeer

All dignity, all majesty to him who is known as Nazeer

Nazeer was a poet of the masses. He was a common man, wrote of the common people, and in the common language. 

Rekhta Blog Premchand

We Haven’t Served Premchand Well, Have We?

Much of what we think or say about Premchand today is usually clichéd. We have been made to believe that this literary major of our times was only a fiction writer, and a Hindi fiction writer to be precise, who emerged and stayed on primarily as a storyteller of rural life. All these are sheer misrepresentations that need to be redressed.

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