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कोरोना के बाद कि दुनिया: शायर कि नज़र से

लेखक: ज़िया ज़मीर इक्कीसवीं सदी की तीसरी दहाई शुरू हुआ चाहती है। मौसमे-सर्द रवाना होते-होते वापसी कर रहा है और मौसमे-गर्म की आमद-आमद है। मगर दो मौसमों के मिलन की इस साअत में भी दिल बुझे हुए हैं। दो-चार लोगों के दिल नहीं, दो-चार शहरों या मुल्कों के दिल नहीं बल्कि सारी दुनिया के दिल… continue reading

Rekhta blog Momin Khan Momin

Ishq Naama Banaam Momin Khan Momin (1800-1851):

Tumhein Yaad ho ke na yaad ho

Momin lived to love and loved to live but he could not have luck with any of his beloveds.

Akbar Allahabadi

Akbar Allahabadi in a New Avatar!

7 Urdu shayari memes for the millennial idea of humour

In Akbar Allahabadi, Urdu language found a humorist, a satirist, a commentator, and a reformer. Unlike many, his satire is not corrosive, or black in nature. He lived during the British Raj and his poetry provides glimpses into the socio-political conditions of that age. He chose to be jovial and politely critical in his poetry… continue reading

Amrita pritam First woman writer in Punjabi

Amrita Pritam

The Immortal Romantic

If one was to define Amrita Pritam’s journey in this world, one would simply say: “Love with Sahir, Marriage with Singh, Life with Imroz”.

Ahmad Faraz rekhta blog

Five Never-Heard-Before Couplets of Ahmad Faraz

Here are five couplets of Faraz that you may not have heard or read before.

Ada Jafarey Birth anniversary

Ada Jafarey

The poet, the woman, the mother

Ada Jafarey has had many distinctions: she was one of the first female voices of substance in Urdu poetry; she was refreshingly modernist, and above all entirely inimitable.

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