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तीन उर्दू शायर और उनकी पंजाबी ग़ज़लें

ग़ज़ल हिन्दोस्तान की दीगर ज़बानों में कही जा रही है, लेकिन पंजाबी ग़ज़ल उर्दू ग़ज़ल के क़रीब-तरीन है। ये क़ुरबत इस दर्जा है कि पंजाबी के मुमताज़ शायरों के फ़ेहरिस्त में जो लोग हैं, उन नामों से उर्दू के क़ारी भी ना-शनास नहीं। हबीब जालिब, ज़फ़र इक़बाल, मुनीर नियाज़ी जैसे मोतबर शायर इसकी चंद मिसालें हैं।

Qissa-Kahani Banaam Dushyant Shakuntala

Qissa-Kahani Banaam Dushyant Shakuntala

Dushyant Shakuntala: An eternal love story yet again; yet again from the Mahabharata

Millions of stories lie alive in our collective memory. Most of them are those of love. Written by Nature and Destiny, this is an eternal story of love at the first sight. Once again this comes from the Mahabharata, the treasure trove of dharma and itihasa.

MIRZA MOHAMMAD RAFI SAUDA, Sauda, urdu, urdu blog, rekhta

Jo Guzri Mujh Pe Mat Us Se Kaho Hua So Hua

A poet who earned distinction in singing paeans: Mirza Mohammad Rafi Sauda

As a child was born, an itinerant Dervish made a prophecy: “In sha Allah, your fame will travel to all four corners of India…”

Rekhta Blog IshqNamaah Afzal Panipati

Ishq Naamah banaam Afzal Panipati

When Love Got a Human Incarnation: The possible-impossible story of Afzal Panipati

When love got a human incarnation, the incarnation became Afzal Panipati–both literally and metaphorically. The word ‘afzal’ suggests excellence and the lover-poet Afzal exceeded excellence in the way he loved, languished, and found his ultimate resolution.

Blog Ibn Insha art cover design

Jogi Ka Nagar Mein Thikaana Kya…

Ibn-e Insha: the modern day sufi in a suit

This man of simple words and emotional exuberance, wandering soul and kind heart, individual style and common appeal, could easily be called the modern day sufi in a suit

Situated on the eastern bank of river Hooghly, I have had many a name through ages. Some called me Gol Gotha, others named me Kilkila. Some believed I was Kol-ka-hata, others favoured Kalikata. Then came those who concluded I was Khal Kata, but still others chose to call me Kalkata and then Kalikota. Later, I became Calcutta; now I’m Kolkata. I have had many incarnations; each one looking at the other in the spirit of curious camaraderie. What is in a name, or appearance, after all? I’m indeed history; I’m witness. I’m over two millennia old. My tale is long; your time short. In short, I open up to you. You may pass on my tale to others. With many a name, I’ve many a face. I’m a port; I traded in opium. I’m the Nawab of Bengal; I’m the East India Company. I’m the capital of the Raj; a face of the independence movement. I’m Bengal renaissance. I stand partitioned, bombed, starved. I am revolutionary, but stagnated too. I refuse to grow, yet I do. I choke; I breathe; I live on.

Shahr Naamah Banaam Kolkata

Kalkatte ka jo zikr kiya…

I stand partitioned, bombed, starved. I am revolutionary, but stagnated too. I refuse to grow, yet I do. I choke; I breathe; I live on.

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