Metaphor in Urdu

रूपक जो शेर को ज़मीन से आसमान तक पहुँचा देते हैं

माशूक़ा के चेहरे या बदन की ख़ूब-सूरती बयान करने लिए चाँद, माह, माह से बना माह-पारा/ मह-पारा, माह-जबीं, गुल, गुल से बना गुल-बदन, गुल- फ़िशाँ, गुलाब, पंखुड़ी वग़ैरा। माशूक़ा के लिए ‘बुत’ लफ़्ज़ इस्तिआरे के तौर पर बे-इन्तेहा राइज है।

Holi and Urdu

Holi Ki Shaam Hi To Sehar Hai Basant Ki

Holi’s dusk is the dawn of Spring

Colours! Dance!! Music!!! Festivity!!!
All these sum up Holi in our popular imagination.
But Holi is more—much more—than fun and frolic, fete and fiesta.


Ghalib: More Than a Poet

Ghalib is a poet par excellence.

He remains unparalleled for his intellectual curiosity, as also for his wit and humour. We bring you some lateefas (jokes) that will bring a smile to your lips. But they will also make you sad.

Saqi and Alvi

We lived together till death did us apart

Two major voices of modern Urdu poetry would never be heard again.

Mushtaq Ahmad Yusufi Humour

Yusufi: The Master of Humour & Satire

“Koi umr puchhta hai toh phone number dekar baton mein laga leta hu”

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