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जब फ़ैज़ अहमद फ़ैज़ को इंग्लिश के पर्चे में 150 में से 165 नंबर मिले

थर्ड ईयर के इम्तिहान के बाद जब तालिब-ए-इल्म अपनी अपनी कापियाँ देख रहे थे तो फ़ैज़ की कॉपी पर 165 नंबर दर्ज थे। कोई हैरान हुए बग़ैर नहीं रह सका क्योंकि इम्तिहान सिर्फ़ 150 नंबरों का था।

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Shahr Namaah Banaam Mumbai

I am Mumbai. Not long ago, I was known as Bombay. Still some call me by my old name because they love me– as one loves a dear one by names more than one.

Five couplets of Qateel Shifai on unrequited love

Humne toh dil jalaa ke sar-e aam rakh diya

Five couplets of Qateel Shifai on unrequited love

: Various poets in their mesmerizing couplets have frequently encapsulated the emotional states of the one-sided lover. Here are five such couplets of Qateel Shifai, one of the most prominent Urdu poets and lyricists.

Qissa-Kahani Banaam Dushyant Shakuntala

Qissa-Kahani Banaam Dushyant Shakuntala

Dushyant Shakuntala: An eternal love story yet again; yet again from the Mahabharata

Millions of stories lie alive in our collective memory. Most of them are those of love. Written by Nature and Destiny, this is an eternal story of love at the first sight. Once again this comes from the Mahabharata, the treasure trove of dharma and itihasa.

MIRZA MOHAMMAD RAFI SAUDA, Sauda, urdu, urdu blog, rekhta

Jo Guzri Mujh Pe Mat Us Se Kaho Hua So Hua

A poet who earned distinction in singing paeans: Mirza Mohammad Rafi Sauda

As a child was born, an itinerant Dervish made a prophecy: “In sha Allah, your fame will travel to all four corners of India…”


Ishqnaama: The love-life of Afzal Panipati

When Love Got a Human Incarnation: The possible-impossible story of Afzal Panipati

When love got a human incarnation, the incarnation became Afzal Panipati, both literally and metaphorically. The word ‘afzal’ suggests excellence and the lover-poet Afzal exceeded excellence in the way he loved, languished, and found his ultimate resolution.

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