Shahid Ali Khan

محبت کا جلی عنوان شاہد علی خان

شاہد صاحب کی ایک خوبی یہ ہے کہ وہ دُھن کے پکے ہیں جو ٹھان لیتے ہیں وہ کرگزرتے ہیں۔ انجام کی پرواہ نہیں کرتے، چنانچہ جیسے ہی مکتبہ جامعہ سے رشتہ ٹوٹا تو انہوں نے فوراً نئی کتاب کی داغ بیل ڈال دی۔ ابوالفضل انکلیو کے ٹھوکر نمبر 3 میں انہوں نے اپنا اشاعتی ادارہ قائم کیا۔ وہاں وہ اکثر اکیلے بیٹھے رہتے تھے۔ دیگر بیٹھنے والوں میں پروفیسر توقیر احمد خاں کے علاوہ خاکسار تھا۔ بعد میں تعداد بڑھتی گئی، کرسیاں کم پڑنے لگیں۔

Reh Gaya Kaam Hamara Hi Bhaghawat Likhna

Reh Gaya Kaam Hamara Hi Baghawat Likhna

A major voice of resistance in Urdu poetry.

Habib Jalib is considered one of the most valiant and high-spirited persons of his times. He pulled the masks off the faces of the tyrant rulers and showcased their real faces to the people which he considered to be his real engagement.

Baaqi jahaan mein Qais na Farhaad reh gayaa Afsaana aashiqon ka faqat yaad reh gayaa

Afsaana Aashiqon Ka Faqat Yaad Reh Gayaa

Dagh is celebrated as a master of the Urdu idiom and respected as a lively artist with good humour at his fingertips.

Dagh was a disciple of Sheikh Ibrahim Zauq, the poet laureate of the Mughal court and a celebrated mentor of many poets including Bahadur Shah Zafar. Dagh developed a style and a typical phraseology of his own which clearly distinguish his ghazals from others.

Mere junoon ka nateeja zaroor niklega

Mere Junoon Ka Nateeja Zaroor Niklega…

Having a tough time? These couplets will surely lift your morale!

Life is full of hardships; it poses new challenges quite often. Remember that nature loves balance. After every dusk, comes a dawn. Oh! That was poetic. Well, poetry has its own ways to inspire and motivate. Here are some motivational shers for you from Urdu poetry: Follow your passion; it will surely bring success. No… continue reading

Maha Laqa Chanda Poetess

When there was no woman poet in Urdu, there was Mah Laqa

The Importance of Being Mah Laqa Chanda

At the threshold of the nineteenth century, the Urdu language saw the emergence of the first woman poet with a complete divan to her credit.

Firaq Gorakhpuri

Shab-e-furqat bahut ghabraa rahaa hoon

Aane waali naslein tum per fakhr karengi ham asro
Jab un ko ye dhyaan aaiga tum ne Firaq ko dekha tha

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