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तीन उर्दू शायर और उनकी पंजाबी ग़ज़लें

ग़ज़ल हिन्दोस्तान की दीगर ज़बानों में कही जा रही है, लेकिन पंजाबी ग़ज़ल उर्दू ग़ज़ल के क़रीब-तरीन है। ये क़ुरबत इस दर्जा है कि पंजाबी के मुमताज़ शायरों के फ़ेहरिस्त में जो लोग हैं, उन नामों से उर्दू के क़ारी भी ना-शनास नहीं। हबीब जालिब, ज़फ़र इक़बाल, मुनीर नियाज़ी जैसे मोतबर शायर इसकी चंद मिसालें हैं।

The love-life of Akhtar Shirani: Imaginary or Real

Bahut tadpaayegi dil ko hamaari daastaan ik din

The love-life of Akhtar Shirani: Imaginary or Real?

Anisur Rahman One who wrote poems like Sarzameen-e Ishq, Ai Ishq Kaheen Le Chal, Ai Ishq Hamein Barbaad Na Kar, Badnaam Ho Raha Hoon, Jahaan Rehana Rehti Thi, Chand Lamhe Azra Ke Saath, Shikwa-i- Judaai, Aiteraaf-e Mohabbat and many more of the kind must be in the dock of lovers. Whether Akhtar Shirani had really… continue reading

faiz-ahmad-faiz, resistance poetry



Whenever there was a need to stand for truth and to raise a voice against oppression, there was a poet to do so. Poetry has inspired many historic revolutions that have restored order in society. This did not, however, come easily to the poets. They had to suffer immeasurably for raising their voice but firm… continue reading

faiz couplets poetry


Faisal Fehmi Faiz Ahmad Faiz was among the most celebrated and popular poets of Urdu. He faced political repression for his revolutionary views. He is acknowledged as a torchbearer of progressivism and modernism in Urdu poetry. Here are five couplets of Faiz that you may not have heard of or read before. You may read… continue reading

Iqbal love life atia faizi

The love-life of Mohammad Iqbal (1877-1938)

Acha hai dil ke saath rahe paasban-e aql | Lekin kabhi kabhi ise tanha bhi chhod de

Anisur Rahman Thinking of Mohammad Iqbal is thinking of one with many distinctions to his credit. Being a poet, philosopher, barrister, academic, and political thinker with a knighthood to his credit made him special in many ways. All these distinguished identities qualified him to be widely celebrated as the “Poet of the East”, “Hakim-ul-Ummat”, and… continue reading

Do share with us your understanding of these shers.


These five couplets will inflame your imagination

Urdu poetry has innumerable shers where the two lines do not seem to have any apparent connection. Only after intense thought, one does realize that the two lines have a deep-rooted correlation. Here we bring to you five such shers. Read and give them a thought. We have provided hints for each sher to help… continue reading

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